mnmlist: When I need logic most

When I’m feeling run down and could do with eating some healthy food, that’s the time when I find it most difficult to eat healthy food.

When I’m really tired, that’s when I find I have difficulty sleeping.

When I’ve got no energy, I find this the most difficult time to do some exercise, when I know that exercise gives me bags of energy.

When I most need the love and care of my family, my demeanour can sometimes make it harder for them to love and care for me.

When I really need to stop and review my tasks because they’re all getting

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on top of me, this is the time I find I am most tempted to plough on with the easiest or nearest task to hand.

Why is this so? Why does logic go out of the window when we need it most?

When these scenarios come up, I’ve found that there is a singular solution and it has nothing to do with sleep or exercise or mood or energy although that might seem to be the case. It’s to do with my task list. Before I had a way of collecting and prioritising my tasks, I found that they were in charge of me, rather than the other way round. I realised a while ago, that’s it’s not about the amount of time I have, it’s the choices I make about what tasks I do and when, that is key.

Now sometimes, life throws up some curve balls- the car that needs fixing, the poorly daughter, the last minute job. When these happen, I’ve got to go back to my task list and put some stuff on hold or work harder. This is my choice. Not making a choice is a choice as well.