mnmlist: The year I got everything

It happened in 2011. I managed to amass everything I’d ever wanted – more or less.

Yes, there are “better” cars and more expensive hifi out there. However, really, I have everything. For example, I bought an iPad and then quite swiftly realised that it was a cherry on a beautiful cake that already had loads of cherries on it. I sold it shortly afterwards.

It made me think that the human condition doesn’t allow us to be satiated for very long. We look to the next thing as soon as the glow of the present thing fades and the glow always fades quickly.

I’ve blogged already about the the things that make me happy but I’ve lost sight of this recently and I’m not sure why. So today I’ve lit a fire and I’m going to make food for my family and this afternoon we’ll read and play a game together.

I’ve got everything. All I need to do is enjoy it, which is why I’m

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writing this post. Writing down the things you are grateful for, has an actual and real impact on your happiness (see 59 Seconds for more details).

I should do it more often.