mnmlist: The first and last Rolo diet

I attended a day of meditation training on Saturday. I learnt a few things.

One thing was how to enjoy all my Rolos. Our guide for the day pointed out how we only really savour the first Rolo of the packet and, of course, the last one. The rest of them just get popped, unthinkingly into our mouths. Shame that. The first and last don’t taste better than the others it’s just that we focus on them a bit more. We are more mindful of the them.

It’s not difficult actually and can be applied to loads of things we like but shouldn’t consume too much of. Plus, apart from enjoying the mouthfuls more, I don’t seem to need as much or as many. So it seems to me that mindful eating can help a diet too.

So if you ask, you can have my last Rolo because I enjoyed all of them just the same.