mnmlist: #operationless

We don’t watch much TV in our house. Books and music have always kicked the merry crap out of the gogglebox in the greased-up, stripped-to-the-waist, bare-knuckle fight for our attention.

Really good TV gets watched in box set format. Films I love too. But TV, you’re dead to me. We are rearranging our cosy (read small) living room and centre stage is going to be a woodburning stove. Seats will point at each other and not a big black panel. Our children will still get to watch their favourite programmes on another type of device. A smaller device probably.

I’m not going to sell all my electronic items. There is a small list of ones I need or love and they will stay. I need them for work or they are my hi-fi. #operationless is an ongoing project. Surprisingly, it’s much more difficult to pursue than the universally and increasingly popular #operationmore.