mnmlist: Music in da house

Just up the road from me is a house where musicians from around the world go to play some music to music lovers.

I’ve never been but I’m excited already because I’m going. I’m going soon, because this is what music should be about.

I’ve been to a handful of gigs this year and the size has been in inverse proportion to my enjoyment. I saw Arcade Fire, from a considerable distance. Stadium Rock. Bluerch. I also saw Belle and Sebastian at a souless o2 place. Rubbish. I saw them but I had no connection with them.

I also saw The Radio Dept at the Deaf Institute in Manchester. Small venue. Up close. Connection.

Gig of the year though was Bill Wells and Aiden Moffat at The KazimierĀ in Liverpool. About 40 people sitting on the floor listening to a stage full of people making music in exactly the way the wanted to. It pleases me to watch musicians pleasing themselves. Even better when I feel part of it, like it wouldn’t have been quite the same if I’d have stayed at home.

So, as I said, I’m going.