mnmlist: Life balance

I’ve been busy recently. Have you? Probably. Not many of us are complaining about too many hours in the day and not enough stuff to fill them with.

When my life is busier than usual, I borrow. I’ve been borrowing time and energy from the household chore pot recently. Now the term has finished, I’ll need to repay what I borrowed. This happens quite a bit.

I find it’s fine if I borrow small amounts for short periods. However, borrow too much for too long and that’s when the trouble starts. Too long in the red with the household chore account and I’d end up living in squalor. There are other pots of course. One that can sometimes take a bashing is the exercise and sport pot. I miss out out the run or bike-ride at the time I need it’s energy giving benefits most. (This pot would rather borrow from

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the household chore pot though really.)

There are some pots that it’s pretty dangerous to dip into more than very occasionally. For example, I risk much more than squalor if I borrow from the quality family and partner time pot too often. Getting the balance between the different elements of my life is hard. My family, healthy-living, chorey stuff, work,

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space, relationships, projects, business, blogs and writing all need attention and there are consequences for neglecting any of them. Time to balance these areas is a pot in itself and these days I always try to make it a priority. There will always be times when I’m busy but a life without balance is no life at all.

So, how do you keep your balance?