mnmlist: I’ve changed my mind

I have accepted a fact very recently and I feel much better about the world. The fact is:

It is next to impossible to change anyone else’s mind.

I realised this when I found out how difficult it was to change my own mind. Take meditation as an example. I like it. I feel better after I’ve sat for 10 or 15 minutes but can I make it part of my life? Not yet. I know it’ll be good for me and I know I’ll be more productive and eat more healthily and will give more attention to the people I love but the loops that make up my life

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don’t yet include a daily sit-down. Not yet.

What’s seems crazy to me is the amount of time we spend fruitlessly attempting to change other people’s minds. We hardly ever do. How many times do you read the bottom of the internet (I’m referring to the comments section underneath any web article) and think, “Wow, that’s so true. I’ve never really thought about that, but your carefully worded left/right wing bile has made me realise how deluded I’ve been about about this topic all along.”?

My realisation has had two benefits. Firstly it made me realise that the only person who’s behaviour I have a chance of changing is my own, so I concentrate on that. Secondly, it doesn’t half save a load of time and frustration.

I realise fully too, that I may not have changed your mind on this topic.