mnmlist: I resolve not to resolve

def. Resolve: To decide firmly on a course of action.

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need to decide firmly? Sounds like I don’t really want to. I’m not going to resolve, I’m going to decide. I’ll decide because it will be better for me and I’ll enjoy it. I won’t need to force myself.

So around this time of year (it is no better or worse time than any other), I’ll be:

1. Simplifying in terms of stuff. More stuff doesn’t mean happier. Less is the future.

2. Simplifying in terms of information. I’m going use the beautiful Reeder for my, now very narrow, blog reading selection. These people can guide my browsing. This is intelligent filtering. No more bowsing BBC and newspaper sites. Radio 4’s Today programme for half an hour in the morning will cover that. Twitter and Reeder will do the rest.

3. Simplifying in terms of exercise. Like brushing my teeth, it just happens. Three times per week. Too haphazard last year.

That’s it. No promises I won’t keep. No will power required. I’m just speeding up the changes that would have happened anyway.