mnmlist: I know I don’t understand

When I was at school, I was expecting to go out into the world and meet at least some people who would be like me, think like me and even act like me. Up until then nobody had, but I’d put that down to not meeting enough people.

I thought that if I got out into the real world I’d meet real people who knew how I felt. (I thought that my world at the time was less real than the actual real world of other people living in a world they thought wasn’t real.) The truth is: No one understands how I feel. Unfortunately, nobody understands how you feel either. Not really.

There are two reasons no-one knows how we feel:

1. We don’t know how we feel.

Emotional intelligence is always going to top my personal charts of things I want my children to enter the world with. One of the skills involved in this is knowing yourself but it’s hard. Very. Hard.

2. We can’t explain it.

The only thing harder than knowing how we feel is putting it into words. Words are often all we’ve got.

So is sharing our feelings important? Of course. We should keep trying to explain how we feel but not be too surprised if people fail to fully understand. We should also keep trying to understand

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other people’s feelings. We need to remember that they might not know how they feel and if they do, they can’t explain.

Knowing I don’t really understand helps me to understand a little better.