mnmlist: Got 59 seconds?

In 59 seconds, Richard Wiseman asks us to write a sort of 5-day diary of gratitude. He says there is empirical proof that this very simple and quick task makes us happier and I’m pretty sure he’s right. There is probably no psychological or physiological magic at work here. We just stop and count our blessings, which is something we rarely or never do.

My theory on this though, goes a little further. I wonder to what extent being grateful and happy allows us to become even more grateful and happy, in the same way as wealthy people (apparently) attract money much more easily than poorer people. In my view if you know how lucky you are, you are much more able to take risks because you realise that the things you are grateful for won’t be the things you might lose when you take the risk.

I’m grateful for my health, family and the knowledge that I have enough resources to get by quite nicely. I think this is a big factor in why taking risks in my career has been quite easy because I am aware that there is no risk of losing anything that means anything to me. I always ask, “What’s the worst that can happen?”