mnmlist: Freshly baked bread

Delicious isn’t it? However, spend more than a few minutes in the room where the bread was made and you’ll soon stop noticing the smell. This happens a lot. We stop noticing. It happens

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with the nice stuff in our lives but also with the not so nice stuff. The smell of the pig farm fades too if you hang around there long enough.

I was reminded of a story told to me by an old friend of mine. I did my PGCE teaching practice with him many years ago but tragically, 3 years into his career and with an OFSTED inspection looming, he took his own life. His story is very wise and lives on here.

It begins when a farmer goes to see the local priest because his small farmhouse is simply too small to cope with his growing family and myriad of pets. He can’t cope anymore and asks for help.

The priest advises him to move his hens out of the henhouse and in to the house. The farmer is confused but, trusting in the wisdom of the priest, does as he is told. The priest asks him to see how things go and return in a week.

“How are things now?” asks the priest the following week. The farmer explains that far from getting better, things are worse now there are hens getting under everyone’s feet.

“Then move your goats in to the house too.” the priest replies.

Though even more unsure than last time, the farmer does as he is asked and returns the following week. He tells priest about

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trying to get up and down the stairs with three goats blocking his way and eating everything in sight.

The priest then insists the farmer takes his flock of sheep and move them into the house too. The farmer needs some persuasion this time but his respect for the priest forces him to comply. A week later the farmer returns to the priest and is furious, complaining that he barely sees his wife and children, hasn’t been able to get any farm work done and hasn’t slept all week either.

The priest then tells the farmer to put the hens, goats and sheep back outside which the farmer gladly does. The following day the priest calls by the farmhouse to see the farmer.

“How are things now?” asks the priest.

“Everything’s fine now! I’ve got so much room.”