mnmlist: Filtering Niagra

How do you fill your cup from Niagra Falls?

The internet is gimassive. I haven’t checked it’s exact size but honestly is hugenormous. So big, in fact, that I’m having to make up words to describe it. So to save us having to read it all, we need some really good filters. I have a feed of ideas from about 12 blogs at the moment using the very lovely Reeder to handle them. I check it before I check twitter and my emails.

Here are my tips on blog feed selection and how to get the best out of them:

1. Make sure they are positive. Are they trying to add value to your life- make you happier, calmer, more productive? If they’re not going to have a positive impact, what’s the point?

2. I didn’t, but I now avoid tech blogs. Good tech will find you, honestly. You might be a little behind the curve but no-one died getting the lastest stuff a little later.

3. Find people who are like you but find people who aren’t too. It’s easy to find people who agree with you. I follow blogs by people who can see both sides. Examples and counter-examples are essential if you want to create meaning.

4. All my news and sport feeds have gone. If Liverpool FC get a new manager (and they haven’t for a week or so, so it’s imminent) I’ll find out in my 25 minute exposure to Radio 4 in the morning.

5. Everybody needs a role model, find yours and copy their habits of mind.

6. Blog about what you’ve read. Before I blogged, I read stuff but had no real way of processing it; I didn’t know where to file stuff in my mind. With a blog, I can distill what I’ve learnt through the writing process.

So why not change your filters and fill your cup?