mnmlist: Choose and still lose?

Should I mow the lawn or watch the game? I used to torture myself with decisions like this. Sad isn’t it? I’d know that I wanted to watch the game on TV but knew that the lawn needed cutting. Whichever one I chose, I lost.

Cutting the lawn with clenched teeth and mutterings about paving the front garden, my resentment at being “forced” into this chore put me in a mood. If I chose to watch the game, I’d look out of the window wondering when the next opportunity would be to get out there and would be annoyed that I could be so lazy.

It’s the same sort of thing with essays and reports. I knew I wouldn’t be happy until I’d done them but I’d leave the job until the very last minute and ruin every intervening moment. Now I’ve accepted that I always get my essays and reports done on time (I’m a last minute type of person sometimes) I go about my life quite happily until the last minute, then get them done. The situation is exactly the same but I’m happier because I’m looking at it in a different way. I also now accept that if I cut the lawn I won’t get to watch the whole game and the lawn will get a little longer if my attention goes on the football. I can then sit and enjoy the game or feel good that I’ve cut the lawn.

So, how do I decide which one to do? I don’t. I just wait to see what choice I make. I always end up

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doing the thing I want to do most. I accept this and either way, I win.