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My name, as you may have guessed from the tin, is Greg.

I am a teacher, an educational consultant trainer and I live near York, UK with my lovely family.

I started this blog as a way to think and reflect. I’ve been reading and learning and studying for years but I want to get better at distilling information and creating meaning for myself. The blog is not really intended to be read by anyone, though it would be great if it was helpful or interesting to people. I know that I can’t change anybody’s behaviour apart from my own and so most of my posts are about the various ways I’ve gone about doing this.

I’ve chosen a very plain, minimalist theme because I sometimes find the internet very distracting. The pages all flash and whizz and change and there’s loads of them and it never ends. It’s difficult to make sense of, even when there is sense to be made. I sometimes have enough trouble making sense of my thoughts as it is, without loads of other distractions. Maybe you’re the same. So a clean and uncluttered place to write down my ideas made sense to me. I also benefit from the motivation of writing so that maybe others can understand the things I wanted to understand. After all, it is my job to help people, young and less-young, to construct meaning. Really, I want to become wiser.

If you’re interested, I’m on Be great to hear from you.